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Arbor Pro's Tree Service

Find the licensed, insured help you need

Not only is clearing your lot or thinning out your trees a tedious and time-consuming task, but it can also be a dangerous one. Large trees can be very dangerous if removed incorrectly.


With the help of our certified arborist and experienced pros, you can get service for your residential lots. We'll handle large areas with multiple acres, too. With our manpower and equipment, there's nothing our team can't do. Let us clear out unwanted foliage, rocks, and trees for you.

Get hauling, demolition, and more

• Hauling and demolition

• Proper tree selection (leaving trees that should stay)

• Shrub removal

• Large weed removal

• Underbrush clearing

• Unwanted tree removal

• Chipping and bucket truck services

Get more out of your space

Turn your land into usable space with our help

Lot and land clearing